Environmental problems and global warming are looming over the earth and are beginning to make their presence felt strongly, causing more and more concerned people and enterprises to consider taking action and making a change. However, not everyone’s on the same page when it comes to this global problem. The intangible nature of climate change makes it difficult to communicate and easy to shrug off. In 2015, O’right embarked on a nationwide tour, going from salon to salon to promote our green vision via O’Love Chair, a chair made from O’right shampoo bottle cartons. The Salon Journey of O’Love Chair broke away from traditional limitations with its great flexibility and assembly-free feature, and gave people an interesting insight into sustainability to explore new exciting possibilities to living a better and greener lifestyle.

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There are many ways to travel. Some take their taste buds on a culinary adventure, some travel to different countries for a culture experience while others use it as a chance to do some soul searching. O’right’s Salon Journey of O’Love Chair gives people a different insight into a greener lifestyle. 

O’Love Chair took off on its journey from O’right Headquarters in Taiwan, traveling across the globe and making stops at Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands to spread green seeds and share O’right’s philosophy of Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly to salon customers. This would not have been possible without our wonderful green salon hairdressers worldwide.

At first, O’Love Chair was just an interesting-looking piece of furniture in consumers’ eyes. It took some time, but eventually they understood the significant value of the extraordinary design by feeling the texture with their hands or sitting on the chair. It’s not just a piece of art, but also a beacon of sustainability. O’Love Chair is a sustainable and innovative design that is given new life to sustain its value. This is the design concept O’right is committed to achieving.

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Inspired by the cradle-to-cradle design, O’Love Chair broadens the horizons of consumers and shows them that product recycling can be achieved in everyday life.

“I am incredibly glad to be a part of the Salon Journey of O’right Chair,” a green partner of O’right exclaimed. “Consumers were very enthusiastic and eager to be taken into the world of O’Love Chair. We were also more than happy to share the core values of O’right.”

Salons used their creativity and imagination to spice up their space with O’Love Chair, bringing everyone closer to nature towards a greener lifestyle.

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The Salon Journey of O’Love Chair continues…

A chair made from forty recycled cardboard cartons used to ship O’right’s 400ml products brought people from the world with the mutual vision together to protect the earth and create a better future for all. Salons were inspired by this idea, and together they formed a greater power to influence others. It didn’t matter how many joined or how many changes were made, they were happy to be a part of such a meaningful journey. O’Love Chair made its presence in different parts of the world, making an impact on salon hairdressers and customers and sharing its story of sustainability.

Can you imagine that a chair made from paper can seat up to 12 people?

If you walk into a salon and find an O’Love Chair sitting there, please share your experience with us. O’right will continue the O’Love Chair journey to the next country to maximize impact and effect change.

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