Over 20 years ago, a green salon emerged in a small town in Douliu, Yunlin–Hong Kong Salon. The salon owner came across O’right 15 years ago and became a member of our green family. At that time, we had just set off on our journey as a green brand and Hong Kong Salon was there by our side along the way.


The salon owner is known for her iconic hairstyle and friendly smile

A Relaxing Green Space

The green space boasts large windows that welcome sun and warmth, embracing everyone who walks into the salon with a relaxing ambiance and lush greenery. With her big hair and friendly smile, the owner always leaves a lasting impression on her customers.


O’right goji berry root skincare line featured at Hong Kong Salon

 Truly Green at Heart

Hong Kong Salon is like a home away from home for customers. Since it opened, the salon owner and her employees have treated one another like family, naturally, they care for and talk to their customers, regardless of their age, the same way, giving the salon a joyful, harmonious ambiance.

When Hong Kong Salon joined O’right, we had just begun our journey towards a green haircare brand. Since then, like O’right, the salon owner vowed to give customers healthy products that deliver the results they all desire and to stay true to the commitment of making a positive difference to people, society and the environment. Sustainability attracts customers, but she believes that sincerity is the key to their hearts. Combining sustainability with sincerity, it is no wonder Hong Kong Salon has won over so many people. On their road to a zero-carbon world, the green salon continues to influence more people to go green and do good.


O’right mini-mes often come up in conversations in the salon

 A Green Vision Beyond O’right Mini-mes

Hong Kong Salon’s sincerity is not only reflected in its relationship with people, but also in its creativity. In a corner of the store, customers will find adorable miniature versions of O’right products made by the owner’s talented niece. The O’right mini-mes look so much like the real counterparts that they often come up in conversations between the owner, hairdresser and customers.

Every small detail can become a point of focus. Small things have power too! Hong Kong Salon harnesses its small power to impact more people with our eco-friendly brand and sustainable values. And this is what makes Hong Kong Salon unique and charming.

We celebrate our 15th year together with Hong Kong Salon and are looking forward to seeing the relationship grow into something more significant and inspiring. Together greener!