Strolling around the neighborhood of Taipei City’s Datong District, it’s hard not to notice Paper Plane Hair, a salon nestled amidst the bustling city of Taipei. Embellished with greenery, Paper Plane Hair makes passersby slow down in their tracks and snap a few photos. The Vegan, Non-GMO and Organic symbols at the entrance demonstrate the salon’s commitment to building an eco-friendly place while giving customers an unforgettable experience.


When you open the wooden doors, you are instantly immersed in the white décor, wood elements, warm lighting and relaxing ambiance. “Paper planes are part of everyone’s childhood memories, wonderful memories of our innocence,” the manager of Paper Plane Hair, Benny said. Despite being a man of few words, Benny is rarely seen without a smile on his face. Back in the days, Benny traveled to England where he learned his hairdressing techniques. His experience living abroad broadened his horizons and showed him the importance of keeping up with global news and trends.



At Paper Plane, customers can choose from a variety of Japanese and Korean fashion and beauty magazines. Lying among the stack of magazines is The Affairs, a magazine not known to many, with the headline “Iceland is bracing for a world without ice” plastered across the cover. It’s not the type of magazine you would imaging finding at a hair salon.



Paper Plane Hair found O’right in 2018 and has since then become a part of the O’right family. Our conversations that day revealed how much Paper Plane Hair loves O’right and how their values align with ours. In fact, Benny’s whole family has become fans of our green hair and scalp care line. In his spare time, he makes the “green” in O’right come to life by planting plants and adding a little bit of vitality to his salon. Out of all the salons in the area, Paper Plane is probably the one that will catch your attention the most.