Green Philosophy

The Heart of Our Company

A True Kid at Heart

“I’ve always been a kid at heat. At first, I wanted to make healthy lifestyle changes. Now, I want to change everyone’s life for the better.” The mastermind behind the brand O’right, Steven Ko, has held onto his initial vision since he founded the company. Giving back to the community is natural. But at O’right, we simply give without expecting something in return.

What may seem small and unimportant to others is huge to us and the environment. We should never underestimate the power a small step or an individual can create. On our journey to achieving a zero carbon world, we offer solutions to living sustainably and beautiful, not just for our consumers but also for our planet. Because O’right has never been just a hair and skin care company; we are a brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve.

Together Greener – It’s O’right

In September 2006, we set ourselves the challenge to become a green brand, making the promise to keep sustainability at the heart of our business. In our brand vision It’s O’right, the “O” symbolizes the beautiful earth we live on. Inspired by nature, we have made it our mission to maximize the value of resources and lead the way in sustainability. Our vision and mission reflect our commitment to the health and well-being of people, society and the environment. For a better and more sustainable tomorrow. Together greener – it’s O’right!

A Green Lifestyle Inspired by Nature

As a sustainable business, O’right aims to incorporate sustainability to everyday life and lead a green revolution in the cosmetic industry. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do; from our products and services to the society and the environment, we offer green solutions to making people and the planet beautiful from the inside out. Every decision we make as a green business is underpinned by our core values – Green, Sustainability and Innovation. What we convey is the green culture of Taiwan as well as the connection between life and the land we live on in order to find inspiration to create valuable products that mean something.

A good design comes from harmony among heaven, earth and man and provides ongoing inspirations and insights. O’right creates a green lifestyle with endless possibilities, demonstrating our long-standing commitment to sustainability that shapes our identity as a green brand. Inspired by nature, we have made it our mission to maximize the value of resources and lead change for sustainability. We call it our “mission zero” – zero carbon, zero impact.