The Philosophy of Skin Care

Our Clean Promise to You and Earth

When you enter the green world of O’right, you’ll find that we have never been just a hair and skin care company, but a brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve. We offer holistic green solutions to sustainable living with a promise to give people and earth only healthy and safe products that comply with the strictest European regulations. As the transparency trend builds momentum in the beauty industry, we believe in taking responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our consumers by submitting full disclosure to ensure that our products are free of questionable substances that could potentially harm people and our environment. We ensure that our packaging labels provide consumers with its natural content that has been tested by our international TAF accredited laboratory. Clean green beauty – our promise to you.


Parabens are chemicals that are commonly used in cosmetics and foods due to their preservative activities. Reports show that parabens have hormone-disrupting qualities that mimic estrogen, which interferes with the body’s endocrine system. They have even been found to increase breast cancer risk. O’right products contain natural plant-acid preservatives to ensure the purest and healthiest care for your hair and skin.

Sulfate Surfactants

Surfactants may act as foaming agents. Sulfate surfactants penetrate into the living cells of the epidermis, potentially damaging it and making it prone to bacterial attack and viral infection. O’right uses natural amino acid and glucoside-based foaming agents certified by EU organic bodies that create a rich, easy-to-rinse lather without leaving any residue. Enjoy a gentle and mild cleansing experience with O’right.

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Diethanolamine (DEA) is commonly used as a wetting agent, thickener and foaming agent in cosmetic products. It is found in shampoo products to increase its viscosity. However, when contaminated with other compounds, diethanolamine can become carcinogenic, as it has the potential to create a potent carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA). O’right is committed to keeping questionable ingredients out of our hair and skin products, giving our consumers only the most naturally-derived beauty.


Plasticizers, mainly phthalates, function as fixatives to increase the longevity of fragrances. They may affect human reproductive development, prenatal development, intellectual development and can even cause sexual precocity. O’right gives consumers only the most natural and healthy solutions and has strict standards for suppliers. O’right products do not contain the 9 plasticizers listed by the Executive Yuan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare and comply with REACH and RoHS regulations. We prioritize the use of natural plant-based fragrances that are non-chemical in nature, ensuring the health of consumers, our environment and future generations.


Colorants make products appear more appealing and colorful; however, they can cause allergic skin reactions and high levels of colorants could damage the skin’s cuticle layer, making it more sensitive and prone to bacteria. O’right uses only the natural color of plants in our formulations, determined to give consumers the most natural and pure pampering they deserve while restoring the natural beauty of the environment.

Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene oxide is a man-made chemical used for making detergents, thickeners and solvents, and exists as an additive in many household and personal care products. It has been proven to be carcinogenic to humans. Human exposure to high contents of ethylene oxide has also shown to result in renal damage and damage to the respiratory tract and nervous system. Only the best active ingredients are used in our formulations. O’right cares about giving the healthiest user experience for consumers.

Environmental Hormones

Some chemicals substances show hormone-like properties, called environmental hormones (or endocrine-disrupting chemicals), which inhibit hormone activity in the body and may affect the immune system, nervous system and endocrine system, causing endocrine disorders, development disorders, impaired immunity and even cancerous tumors. These disruptions not only endanger human health, but also the safety of wildlife. O’right is firmly against the use of questionable, controversial ingredients to ensure the safety and health of consumers and our natural environment.


Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong-smelling chemical used in household cleansing products that may irritate the airways and cause allergic reactions or diarrhea. If inhaled at high concentrations, it may trigger asthma symptoms or cause vomiting. Product quality is assured through compliance with strict regulations that restrict the use of cheap raw materials and ingredients. Shampoo bottles are also made from high safety materials to keep chemicals as far away from consumers as possible.

A New Plant-acid Preservative System: Clean Beauty for Your Hair and Skin


Cosmetics and personal care products are daily essentials. To protect the quality of these cosmetic products and protect consumer health, preservatives are necessary in preventing spoilage and bacteria growth. As such, the types and amount of preservatives used are important factors to consider in order to ensure product safety.

Paraben and formaldehyde are common preservatives widely present in personal care products. However, they have also been shown to be allergens and irritants and are restricted in cosmetics. Pass the word around to your friends and family to remind them to beware of these preservatives for the sake of their health.

O’right pioneered in replacing traditional preservatives with natural plant-acid that are widely used in personal care and baby products. Plant-acid preservatives comply with international safety standards, making our products healthy for you and gentle on your skin. O’right continues to fulfill our promise to creating only what’s best for our planet and our consumers with natural and pure products.

Natural plant-acid preservatives are mild and gentle and deserve the best care from you. Here are three tips to live a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Prevent contamination of products.
  2. Prevent products from being in contact with water.
  3. Put the bamboo cap back on immediately after opening.