O’right – Home to international laboratory certified by TAF in 5 categories

You are holding internationally acclaimed products in your hands!

O’right leads the way in green innovation with multiple awards and certifications recognizing us for our sustainable efforts and excellence in products and governance.

In 2016, our Organic Plant Extraction R&D Center became a biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) laboratory and the first TAF accredited laboratory to perform preservation efficacy testing in accordance with ISO 11930 standards as well as total aerobic plate count testing.

Quality assurance is not the only thing we strive for. We develop and perform testing in accordance with international standards. In 2019, O’right became the first beauty brand in Taiwan to be certified by TAF to perform epidermal hydration, transepidermal water loss and epidermal melanin measurements of human skin.

Our industry-leading international laboratory ensures the quality, safety and efficacy of our products, through the highest standards of manufacturing and third-party verification, to give our consumers and the earth the beauty they deserve.