Zero Carbon

Greening the World with Zero Carbon Beauty

Mission Zero: Beauty that Makes You and Earth Feel Good Inside and Out

When you enter the green world of O’right, you’ll find that we have never been just a hair and skin care company, but a brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve. In order to offer people and earth green living solutions and beauty that blossom from the inside out, we put zero carbon at the heart of everything we do. From products, manufacturing, green building, corporate social responsibility initiatives to monitoring our carbon and water footprints, we continue to garner global attention. In 2011, we introduced the world’s first zero carbon shampoo to achieve zero impact and change the way plastic is used by giving it new life.

Shifting to Carbon Neutrality

Achieving our ambition to become the industry leader of sustainability requires real action and measures to be taken to maintain ecological balance. This is why we measure our company’s carbon footprint, from the product manufacturing to the consumer end, to become carbon neutral and ultimately achieve our vision of a zero carbon, sustainable future. As such, you can be sure about one thing: the O’right products you buy and use will not leave a adverse mark on the planet. We believe that beauty-boosting results can be achieved without compromising the environment. A holistic green lifestyle solution for you. Together greener.

Zero Carbon, Zero Impact: A Sustainable Future

With zero carbon at the heart of everything we do, we made a journey out of sustainability as we believe that sustainability starts with oneself in order to truly make a green difference. Taking step after step on our journey to achieving a zero carbon world, we offer zero impact solutions to living sustainably and beautiful as well as products and services optimized for both biological and technical cycles, not just for our consumers but also for our planet. For a better and more sustainable tomorrow. Together greener – it’s O’right!