Women give and give, working to fulfill their roles

As wives, as mothers, as working moms…

These roles cost them their youth, love and time

Things they have lost

Things they cannot regain

What Have You Found?

Do you often find yourself returning home from a day’s work feeling completely drained of energy? The moment you remove your glasses, strip off your clothes and let your unruly hair fall free, do you often let out a cry of frustration of the expectations the society has of women today? If you love work and work hard, you’re a workaholic. You’re single and unmarried at 30. You’re in no rush to get married or have kids. You’re a woman in engineering.–Gasp! Such gender stereotypes relate to the society’s expectations of men and women, and are, quite frankly, a huge source of frustration for women and also extremely challenging.


When you become someone’s wife, you are entering a different phase in life and opening a new page. You begin being the plus one your husband brings to business affairs and social gatherings. But your mind is on other things, like your business trip the next day and what you should wear.

When you become someone’s mother, all of your time is spent on caring for your newborn baby. You’re filled with joy, but at the same time you’re exhausted. You have less and less me time and you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror. However, you tell yourself that watching your little one grow up healthy and happy, it’s all worth it.

Are You Really Fine?

Certain nights, the stress and emotions you bury deep down could be so much that it’s making it hard for you to catch your breath. “If only someone knew how I felt,” you say as you look at yourself in the mirror. All the pressure you try to hide slowly creeps onto your pillow, in your brush and on your dressing table—in the form of hair. Everywhere you see strands of hair that have fallen from your scalp. They symbolize your anxiety and bottled up emotions. Your scalp doesn’t lie; no matter how hard you hide your negative feelings and how much time and effort you put into dolling up every morning, your scalp honestly tells you that no, you’re not fine.

Be as Strong as Your Hair

O’right understands you. Let us listen to the things you are keeping in your heart. O’right endeavors to pamper women with nature’s most precious resources and make you beautiful both inside and out. The things you have lost, you can find at O’right.


Starting from today, try taking a quiet moment to look after yourself. Regain the confidence you have lost because you know that deep down you’re worth it. Pick up your bottle of O’right Caffeine Botanical Scalp Revitalizer to give your hair and scalp the pampering it deserves. The next time you look at yourself in the mirror or throw somebody a glance, you’ll be glowing with beauty from the inside out.