This September was a busy month for environmental protection. In the face of the worsening climate crisis, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, International Coastal Cleanup, Clean Up the World Weekend, United Nations Climate Action Summit and Fridays for Future play a bigger role than ever in protecting the environment and demanding action.

The IPCC warns that global warming is likely to reach 1.5°C by 2030. Meanwhile, as earth’s temperature continues to rise, the oceans are slowly drowning in plastic, sea levels are rising and ocean acidification is increasing, ultimately putting marine ecosystems and coastal communities at risk. In short, the oceans play a vital role in the global climate system. Changes to the climate, a result of increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, lead to changes in the oceans, which is why, as global citizens, it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to bring our planet back to its prime–clean and beautiful.

Clean Beach, Beautiful Earth

Our beautiful oceans are drowning in plastic. Soon the sun will not be able to reflect from the sea waters because it will be covered in trash…Did you know that the waste you carelessly throw away ends up in the ocean? Every year, an estimated 8 million tons of plastic enters our ocean, which is why many nations worldwide are taking action to curb plastic pollution. The G20 summit set a goal of reducing marine plastic leakage to zero by 2050. Meanwhile 170 countries pledged to reduce single-use plastic by 2030 at the UNEA. With global efforts to combat climate change building momentum, we ask ourselves: what can we do, as global citizens, to save our one and only beautiful planet?


Beautiful beaches are turning into a trash island. It’s time to start thinking about how we can help to keep the earth clean.

It’s hard to imagine a world where oceans are no longer clear and grass no longer grows. What will the world look like when our beautiful beaches have turned into a trash island? It’s a terrifying sight to behold. To be honest, there is a lot we can do to stop this from becoming a reality—by reducing unnecessary plastic at the source and addressing the root cause of pollution. We can pick up litter we come across on the street, think before throwing away trash carelessly, use reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic ones or find creative ways to repurpose waste. These all may seem like pointless exercise, but they are actually powerful tools in the battle to fight the plastic pollution problem.

Preserving Earth’s Beauty through Sustainability

More than one third of the plastic produced worldwide affects our environment. If the world stops producing or using single-use plastic, it can significantly reduce plastic pollution and the possibility of unwanted waste drifting into the ocean. O’right substitutes traditional plastic packaging with sustainable alternatives—100% renewable plastic made from discarded milk bottles and food containers, which are recycled, sorted, crushed and washed first before entering the recovery process. It’s not just our bottles; even our shampoo and body wash bottle pumps are made from traceable renewable plastic materials.


Pick up litter and restore the ocean’s natural beauty

Living a plastic-free life is not as difficult as we think. Easy changes to how we eat, drink and live can and will make a big difference. We eat with reusable tableware and drink out of reusable bottles and straws. We do our part. Our choice matters, more than we think.