In June, O’right made history by becoming the first company in the world to introduce a renewable shampoo bottle pump during European Innovation Week. We overcame the challenge that is the complex component composition of pumps and created a renewable plastic shampoo product, from the bottle to the pump, with the vision of making earth a greener place. And we have our partner to thank for this milestone—Living Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

On a warm sunny afternoon, we walked into the premises of Living Fountain to chat with President John (Ching-Chung) Chan about sustainability and their commitment to leading the way on sustainability.


Watching the green seeds sprout and thrive

When we first entered the President’s office, the awards that stood on the wooden shelf showed just how proud and blessed Living Fountain is of this once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. Tracing back to 20 years ago, Living Fountain discovered that burning PVC results in releases of dioxin in ash and soot, which fueled their determination to develop PET bottles for cleansing goods and put them on the path of changing the world by reducing environmental impact. The green seeds had already been sown, it was just a matter of time before they began to sprout and thrive into something much greater than expected.


Welcome! The world’s first renewable plastic pump

O’right and Living Fountain spent up to one year of testing and development to overcome the obstacles. Multiple tests were performed on the properties, tensile strength, air permeability as well as the elastic rebound effect and ductility of renewable plastic materials before creating the world’s first renewable pump.


Green is the current trend and also a social responsibility. Nowadays, everyone is talking about living a plastic-free life, when in fact plastic is not as bad as people think. Marine plastic waste is a result of people carelessly discarding waste. So, instead of banning plastic altogether, our solution is to reuse plastic and turn it into a renewable material. With this in mind, O’right inspired Living Fountain to reduce and reuse plastic to help make the environment better and lessen environmental burden.


Our sustainable practices don’t end here. We have been a part of organizing Earth Hour for 8 years in a row, urging communities to reduce carbon and love the earth. Living Fountain has also showed their support. Earth Hour is much more than just switching the lights off. It can send a positive message and together we can form a greater power that can raise awareness and increase our level of sustainability. With this accomplishment and our sustainable practices, O’right and Living Fountain are working towards a better tomorrow together.