Women’s roles are constantly changing and increasing in the society. We’re daughters, wives, daughters-in-law, mothers, specialists, managers or entrepreneurs in different scenarios. We all wish to play each role perfectly, to protect our loved ones, our family and be professional in the workplace. Nonetheless, the one and only role that every woman is destined to play ever since we were born is ourselves. 

Happy mom, happy child

Loving yourself is the key to nurturing a happy family. Xinyu Wang is a working mom and a hairdresser. As she faced the challenges and felt overwhelmed as a new mom and experienced physical changes in her body and appearance, she hit rock bottom. The joy of welcoming a new addition to the family was no longer present. It wasn’t until she realized that a happy mom makes for a happy family. Upon that realization, she began to cope with her negative emotions. She started putting on makeup again and arranging afternoon tea dates with her friends. When moms develop a positive self-image, confidence and attitude, they’ll have happy kids.


Regaining your beauty

We cross paths with other women all the time. We’re different in every way, from your age, interests to our appearance. However, we’re all connected by a sense of innate strength and tenacity. As women, we provide unconditional love, time and effort for family, despite knowing that we may not be able to do the things we love as much as before, become sleep deprived, have less alone time and even experience hair thinning and changes to our appearance. This is because we don’t see these as “losses,” but rather the transition into a powerful love and protection. To all the women out there: we haven’t lost anything, we’ve just forgotten that beauty is still possible; regain your confidence and keep your love alive.


Self-love is your path to enlightenment

Do you think you’re beautiful? Do you sometimes feel insecure, or a loss of self-confidence, when you hear people gossiping about you? This seems to be something everyone experiences in their life before gaining confidence and feeling good about themselves. Natalie Pickles, a contestant of Taiwanese and English descent who represented Taiwan in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2, recalled the time when she was conscious about her appearance. When Natalie was young, she experienced discrimination being a biracial person because she looked different from everyone else. So, she wanted to pursue the kind of beauty that is perceived as beautiful in other people’s eyes. However, Natalie slowly came to the realization that her looks are what make her stand out; she won’t let other people’s perceptions and judgment discourage her.


As we work hard to play each role in life, the contributions and sacrifices we have made and the obstacles we encounter and overcome are all worth it. The roles women play are made perfect because of our tenacity and perseverance.

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