Electrical appliances commonly seen in hair salons make the hairdressing industry a power-consuming industry. However, a salon in Kaohsiung successfully saves a lot of energy through implementing smart interior designs. It’s O’right talked with the owner of Pavilion Hairdressing for some eco secrets.


Without commonly-seen luxurious design, the Pavilion Hairdressing salon reflects more a simple homely style. “The design we prefer should be functional as well as durable," said Hsiao-wei, the owner of the Pavilion Hairdressing salon.

With the experience of designing the first Pavilion Hairdressing, Hsiao-wei focused on energy saving implementations when designing its second branch store.

The lighting in the salon consists of T5 energy-saving lamps, with all decoration lamps made of LED lighting. Furthermore, Hsiao-wei chooses electrical wires with higher percentage of copper because copper conducts better and thus saves more energy. The air conditioners are all inverter based with higher power. In addition to that, independent power switches are applied. They can be turned off when there is no need to use them.

These kind of switches can also be seen in the Low-carbon Office in the O’right Green Headquarters.


“We have our air conditioners washed every two months to ensure the top airconditioning efficiency. Additionally, things like hair dryers, stylers, ion clips are also regularly cleaned or replaced with new ones. According to a study, these devices suffer decreasing efficiency and increasing power consumption after a certain period of time," Hsiao-wei said like an expert.


“There are always people who think environmental problems are abstract and irrelevant. However, saving energy can significantly bring the cost down. Many people have the impression that being ecofriendly means a great input of money. In fact, energy-saving devices can also be cost-effective," said Hsiao-wei.

To tell the truth, these energy-saving implementations forced Hsiao-wei to spend tens of thousands of Taiwan dollars at the beginning. HSiao-wei even lost a partner due to the high costs. “Now the electricity bill is a only 50% compared to the other salons with the same size. I must say that saving energy really means saving money in the long run. For the environment or for businesspurpose, using ecofriendly appliances are worthy investments," Hsiao-wei said
with easy smile.

A person’s effort may seem insignificant; however, if we put people’s efforts together, it may become a powerful trend. “Stick to your dream and time will tell," said Hsiao-wei with confidence. Yes, you have to believe in yourself and your dream.