While 30% of the earth is still covered with rich woodland, a forest the size of Panama disappears every year. Since 1900, half of the tropical rainforest has been cleared and this incredible “achievement" thanks to us human beings. On current speed, all forests on earth will completely disappear in one hundred years. According to estimation, largescale tree felling causes 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. People need to think twice before cutting trees, even just one of them.


  1. Trees produce oxygen
    The oxygen produced by a flourishing tree in 3 months is enough for 10 people to breathe in one year.
  2. Trees fix carbon
    A forest is a large carbon reserve, because trees fix carbon the same amount as the oxygen they produce.
  3. Trees provide habitats
    Trees are the best home for birds, bees and squirrels.
  4. Trees decrease noise
    Trees can decrease the noise in big cities. It works almost as well as a stone wall.
  5. Trees clean the soil
    Trees can filter sewage and farming chemicals. They also reduce the pollution of animal waste. The rainwater falling on trees is caught by its leaves and filtered before going into the river.
  6. Trees work against soil erosion
    Tree roots fix the soil and their leaves reduce the intensity of the rain falling on the ground.
  7. Trees provide shelter and cool the air
    Trees reduce the need for air conditioning in hot seasons. In winter, trees can act as a shelter from wind and thus reduce the power consumption for heating.
  8. Trees stop wind
    Trees form a natural wall to keep the indoor temperature from rising. It also reduces snow from accumulation.
  9. Trees provide food
    A 2.5-meter high apple tree grows about 25 kg of apples.
  10. Trees are our teachers and playmates
    For kids trees are like their home. For adults trees help increase creativity and spirituality. Trees have also been the best resting place for people.
  11. Trees cure people
    According to study, a patient recovers faster and with fewer complications if staying in a room with windows and trees visible outdoors.
  12. Trees tell us the season
    Is now spring, summer, fall or winter? Trees will give you the answer