Check out some tips here for selecting healthy furniture and home decorations. Pay due attention and you will make your home a green paradise!。

Keeping the toxic stuff away

Some stuff in our home is potentially hazardous. To keep your home away from harmful objects, it is recommended to choose items that are made of certified ecofriendly materials.。

Throw away foam mats

Puzzle mats are common in many families because they are easy to assemble. However, these foam mats may contain formamide. Any stuff that is made of or contains foam is potentially harmful. If you can make a scratch on things like soft toys or foam mats, then there is probably formamide inside. Inhalation or dermal contact of the chemical can damage the central nervous system and reproductive organs. Due to these risks, formamide is now banned in Taiwan. To protect yourself, remember to read the ingredient label carefully before making a purchase.

Beware of the “new furniture smell”

Materials like particle boards or medium density fiber boards used in combination cabinets, wood furniture and system furniture are the main source of indoor formaldehyde pollution. A concentration over 0.1 ppm sends pungent scent and even causes allergic reactions such as tearing and throat pain. Being recognized as a carcinogen, the percentage of formaldehyde added in adhesives is now put under regulation. Check the new furniture in your home today. Replace it with safe one if it sends out strong “new furniture smells."

Avoid fabrics that are too colorful

In Taiwan, there is no regulation for fabrics like cushions and stuffed toys. Consequently, chemical colorants are added in many fabrics for bright colors. Manufacturers may even add heavy metals or formaldehyde to make colorants work better. Choose lightcolored textiles with simple patterns and without strong scent. As formaldehyde and some chemical colorants are watersoluble, remember to wash new textiles before putting them on your body or in the living room.

Growing plants to create a healthy indoor environment

Pot plants at home not only make the room more beautiful but also improve the indoor air quality. Therefore, choosing the right plants for your home is like having a plant doctor to take care of the health of your family. In the following we rank some indoor plants by their ability to generate oxygen and purify the air. They are also suitable for busy plant lovers as they are pretty easy to grow!

2014Q4G (1)

Bostoniensis /////

commonly called Boston fern

  • High capacity in generating oxygen and purifying air
  • No spores to cause allergic reactions

2014Q4G (4)

Sansevieria trifasciata /////

also called snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue

  • Highly drought-resistant
  • An extremely easy-growing plant
  • A highly effective anion releaser

2014Q4G (3)

Spathiphyllum /////

also called peace lily

  • An excellent oxygen generator and air purifier
  • One of the few plants which grow and bloom in low-light
  • Can be multiplied by planting its ramets

2014Q4G (2)

Peperomia obtusifolia /////

also called baby rubber plant or pepper face

  • Highly drought-resistant
  • An extremely easy-growing plant
  • Easy to root either planted in water or the soil

Powerful plants

  • Oxygen-generating capacity: The power of generating oxygen and removing CO2 in indoor environment
  • Air-purifying capacity: The power of improving indoor air quality
  • Moisture-balancing capacity: The power of balancing the indoor moisture percentage
  • Dust-holding capacity: The power of holding dust particles on leaves
  • Capacity of removing CO2 at night: The power of absorbing CO2 at night time

Source: Grow Yourself a Breathing Home