Sustainability and circular economy were the central themes of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019, focusing on the environmental impact made by the cosmetics industry and leading to new directives in terms of the use of sources of renewable energy, limiting product waste and recycling and reusing scrap materials. CosmoTalks came back for the third year at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna since introducing an educational format for creativity, inspiration and business in 2017. Leading Taiwanese beauty brand O’right was welcomed for the second time as one of the most iconic sustainable brands in the industry to interact with international companies in the beauty sector brought together to explore the newest trends, beauty innovations and technologies.

Staying true to our roots in sustainability

Our core values of Green, Sustainability and Innovation that set us apart from the competition guide our commitment to make sustainability possible. From delivering the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, to joining RE100 with a commitment to use 100% renewable electricity by 2025, we are leading the industry as the world’s first zero carbon beauty brand dedicated to finding more sustainable solutions for consumers and planet earth. During the last session of CosmoTalks, O’right Chairman Steven Ko was asked to share his vision of the future of beauty, to which he replied: “If the beauty industry does not make sustainability a priority, then they will disappear by 2040. This isn’t losing the fight against competitors, but the fight against global trends.” It’s not just the beauty sector that needs to wake up. According to the IPCC climate report, urgent and unprecedented changes are needed by global sectors in order for the world to become carbon neutral. “Stopping climate change is not something that can be done by just one company alone; global collective action is needed,” Steven Ko firmly added. Motivating and inspiring people to act on sustainability is our goal and a challenge we must all accept and overcome.

Cosmoprof invites O’right Chairman Steven Ko to attend CosmoTalks, where he shared our sustainable contributions and initiatives

Cosmoprof invites O’right Chairman Steven Ko to attend CosmoTalks, where he shared our sustainable contributions and initiatives


The zero CO2 design at our booth shows our climate change commitment

Leading the beauty industry to a zero carbon future

Our booth design at Cosmoprof Bologna was a reflection of our company’s values, mission and what sets us apart from the competition – our zero carbon concept. We created not just an exhibit, but experiences that connect us with the audience to tell our story and our vision of a greener tomorrow. A salon hairdresser from Austria who had just witnessed the Fridays for Future movement on the day of the exhibition said upon visiting our booth: “Students from more than 100 countries worldwide are skipping class to protest government inaction on climate change; O’right is the only company at Cosmoprof that is shifting towards a zero carbon world.” Our Cosmoprof booth created an interactive and immersive experience that not only drew attention but also raised awareness of climate change.


O’right offers a wide range of green products including a natural skin care line

As a green brand, it is important that our booth design reflects our commitment to giving consumers Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly products that bring out your natural beauty. The space displaying our skin care line boasts natural elements of greenery to emphasize our green philosophy, green ingredients and green packaging – all things green. We believe that beauty goes beyond the surface and we put our values at the heart of our products with naturally-sourced, farm-to-beauty ingredients native to Taiwan and 100% renewable plastic shampoo bottles.

As climate change continues to have a major impact on the natural environment, sustainable development is becoming a common goal for nations worldwide. By 2030, global carbon dioxide emissions must be 45% less. What’s more, businesses and governments must come together and unite our power for stronger and more effective climate action. It’s time for everyone to step up to the climate challenge and move towards a greener tomorrow.