An allergy-stricken couple broke through traditional barriers and fulfilled their dream of building a green salon in the middle of a field, surrounded by nature. Nestled in lush greenery, Geeb welcomes you to escape from the city and indulge in the wonders of Mother Nature. 

A green space with a dream of zero carbon

How do you picture a hair salon? Geeb offer a fresh take on hair salons, welcoming customers to take in the breathtaking view of the green salon surrounded by paddy fields. Geeb is living proof of a dream turned into reality.

Geeb is a green salon nestled on the outskirts of Changhua, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The couple, named Kumi and Oren, is a wife and husband and a professional hairdresser and a landscaper. All designed and created by the talented couple, Geeb boasts an eye-catching landscape decorated with natural elements such as wooden shelves and plants to make each customer that visits the salon feel like home.


An escape to nature

“Our customers are unlike most people, always nose-deep in their cell phones. Rather than staying indoors, they prefer to go outside and embrace the wonders of nature,” Kumi mused. At Geeb, customers enjoy the relaxation gifted to them by nature, a feeling that cannot be easily found in the city.

With the gardening and landscaping skills of Oren, Geeb inspires waiting customers to put down their phones and admire the interior design or walk outside into nature. It is the perfect opportunity for a relaxing, stress-relieving experience.


Farmers Market: A place to promote sustainability

Outside of the green salon, Geeb also shares their gardening skills, green products and sustainable living concepts at the local Farmers Market, a creative market held every year in fall after harvest for farmers to buy farm-fresh goods and to meet the people behind the produce. It is a simple yet fulfilling way to live sustainably.

Handing over a clean & green planet to future generations 

Aware of the fact that climate change is potential drivers for the increasing burden of allergic diseases, and after welcoming their little one to their family, the allergy-stricken couple became more than determined to steer away from single-use plastic and anything that increases carbon emissions in order to create a clean and green planet for future generations.

Most people see the hair and beauty industry as one of the contributors to climate change. Kumi and Oren aim to change people’s impression and show them that hair and beauty salons are capable of not just making customers beautiful, but also ensuring the natural beauty of our planet. From joining Earth Hour, adopting sustainable practices, using eco-friendly products, reducing the use of disposable plastic, they show everyone that sustainability is simple and possible. Every small change matters; along the way, they will form a bigger, greener power.