Trowing the broken bicycle to the dumping site? Discarding the clothes that are out of fashion? In the eyes of artists, these unwanted items should not end as garbage. With the creativity of artists, these wastes start a new life and become pieces of artwork. It’s O’right picks three pieces from an eco art festival held in central Taiwan in June. Philosophical and playful, these works tell much about what wastes mean and how rich an artist’s mind can be.!

2014Q3Green (3)

/// Reaching for the Sky

Artist: Tung-liang Hsieh
Materials: broken bicycles, fans, iron pipes, iron plates, etc.

The work combines running horses with moving bicycles by attaching them on the frame in an upward fashion. It symbolizes that sky is the limit and we all have to struggle before reaching the top!

 The Happy Clown ///

Artist: Yuan-zhong Jian
Materials: Broken vibraphone, chair base, bicycle wheel, metal bowl, etc.

This playful work vividly represents the lively, noisy aspect of the open market. Surrounded by energetic hawking sound, a clown with exaggerated makeup face and small items hanging all over the costume appears in the market. Looking at the artwork, you can imagine some k ids walking curiously towards the clown.。

2014Q3Green (1)

2014Q3Green (2)

/// The LOVE Monster

Artist: Jun-xiong Zhong
Materials: Iron scraps and bicycle wheel

What does love look like? Do you feel what the artist is trying to tell when you see this lovely work? The Love Monster is like a naughty and playful little animal. Seeing the spikes on its back, you would still want to give it a hug!