In order to create a healthy and sustainable environment, people around the world are organizing various events on World Environment Day in an attempt of inspiring people to take care about the blue planet. Staff working in the O’right Green Headquarters also celebrates the meaningful day with a lively and meaningful activity.

Find your treasure in the O’right Flea Market

O’right Charity Flea Market took place on June 5 – the World Environment Day. In the afternoon about 4 p.m., people in the Green Headquarters were bustling around with excitement.

On the floor were placed personal items from all of the staff members, including shoes, articles for daily use, bags, leather goods, toys, baby accessories and a painting by one of the designers. There were too many things to choose from.

“This is the souvenir I bought when I traveled abroad. It’s special, isn’t it?”

“This was my favorite toy when I was a kid. What a surprise that we are from the same generation⋯.”

“Wow. Are these bead ornaments all made by your mother? Where did she learn to make it? She is so talented!”

“This pair of glasses is my father’s best companion when he was young. Now the vintage is in fashion. Wanna try it on?”

“My sister bought these high-heels for dating. But she doesn’t like this kind of shoes at all. She wore them only once. As you can see, they are pretty new!”

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2014Q3event (1)

Photo /// O’right staff curiously looking for things they might want to purchase.

New life for old stuff

Laughs and chuckles are heard from around every corner of the busy flea market⋯

Do all of these things remind you of the beautiful memories you shared with your friends and families?

Do they remind you of the things you cherish and do you feel the urge to do something for the earth?

In the O’right Charity Flea Market, every person bought or sold the things they like or used to like. Some people looked excited because they found good things in the market. Other people looked contented simply because their beloved items are going to start a new life. This is the mission of the event – exchanging stuff and creating beautiful feelings. The flea market is not all about buying and selling. Reusing things is a viable way of showing our care for the earth.

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Photo /// The CEO of O’right Steven Ko leads all staff members to support World Environment Day

Share love through donations

In this charity flea market, we not only promoted the reuse of resources, but also donated part of the earnings to an environmental organization as support to environmental protection. To extend our love, the unsold items are further sent to a charity organization in Taiwan called Hua Kuang Center for the Mentally Challenged. By this way we make the best use of resources and extend our love to those who are in need.

World Environment Day (WED)
In the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment taking place in Stockholm on June 5, 1972, it was proposed to set June 5 each year as the World Environment Day. The proposal was accepted in the 27th Conference in October, 1972. From then on, the United Nations and many governments have been holding various campaigns worldwide to encourage environmental protection and conservation.(Source: United Nations Environment Programme