Saving energy and reducing carbon, protecting our environment, and moving towards sustainability

Slow Down Climate Change and Preserve Our Forests

At the end of last year, the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) delved into issues on fighting global warming, enhancing climate resilience, and drafting a plan for sustainable development. As the world is concerned about climate change, green hair care brand O’right continues moving towards a low-carbon and sustainable earth by collaborating with NTU Experimental Forest for the third time for the tree planting project. O’right CEO Steven Ko offered NTU Experimental Forest Deputy Director Liang Zhi-Wen his help on the signing ceremony held at the NTU Agricultural Exhibition Hall on June 13. This year, in addition to planting trees, we also dedicated to the adoption and protection of forests. During his speech, O’right CEO remarked that forests are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet, so we should make it our mission to protect the forests as an effort to reduce carbon and love the earth.

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Photo ///  O’right kicking off the tree planting project for the third time with NTU Experimental Forest to plant new trees and adopt 1 hectare of forest land.

Forest Preservation for a Greener Earth

Forests are important natural resources. They are home to a diversity of animals. Forests play an essential role in purifying the air we breathe through the process of photosynthesis, thereby protecting their and our homes. Statistics show that the earth loses over 15 billion trees each year, that is roughly 48 football fields disappearing every minute, due to deforestation, land development, and poor forest management. So, as forests around the world face the climate change crisis, we continue committing to protecting forests and slowing down global warming. This year, we partnered with the NTU Experimental Forest again and adopted 1 hectare of forest land. To this day, O’right has planted 2,660 trees and adopted nearly 3.6 hectares of land, helping the earth reduce 29,260 kg of carbon emissions.

Team Up to Take Action

On June 29, Steven Ko and a team of senior executives and staff headed towards Xitou Nature Education Area to plant and adopt trees. With the help of the professional team at NTU Experimental Forest, we engaged in the 6-year Afforestation Project. Steven mentioned that to increase carbon sequestration and reduce carbon emissions, we should also urge companies and environmental 1 2 3 4 units to lend a hand and help save the trees and conserve forests’ health.

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Photo /// O’right and staff headed towards Xitou Nature Education Area to team up to take action on protecting our planet.

Xitou Nature Education Area is an important natural reserve surrounded by mountains for outdoor education. We hope that this afforestation project can fulfill our corporate social responsibility and stop global warming by protecting forest ecosystems, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and taking action to protect our planet.

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2011-2016 O’right Achievements

  • 2011: Planted and adopted a forest covering 0.351 hectares at Qingshuigou Forest Area, 528 trees.
  • 2014: Planted and adopted a forest covering 0.21 hectares at Heshe Forest Area, 322 trees.
  • 2014: Planted and adopted a forest covering 2 hectares at Qingshuigou Forest Area, 310 trees.
  • 2016: Planted and adopted a forest covering 1 hectare at Xitou Nature Education Area, 1,500 trees.

Trees for the Earth Earth Day: A Call to Plant More Trees

In commemoration of International Mother Earth Day’s 46th anniversary, this year’s theme is “Trees for the Earth,” a call to plant more trees. Trees help combat climate change by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. So, the goal this year is to plant 7.8 billion trees by Earth Day’s 50th anniversary in 2020.