Modern people usually complain that they don’t have time for exercise. They are guilty about using electrical gadgets and appliances all the time. Look at this smart design which can make people healthy and eco-friendly.

A bicycle and a meeting table

Can you imagine having a meeting on a bicycle? On the WeBike you can even charge your cell phone because this fantastic meeting table is equipped with a plug. On this table you can do exercise and generate clean power simultaneously. The smart and interesting design contributes to sustainability while making you healthy.

Bike and support charity

The WeBike is a sustainable product because many parts, including the frame, seat and table bases, are made of recycled materials. This ecofriendly biking table is made in a sheltered workshop.


Now this innovative design can be seen in many cities and airports. Next time when you are waiting for a connecting flight in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, go biking and charge your cell on this meeting table.


Photo:© WeWatt