As most Europeans lead an ecofriendly life, Green salons are becoming a trend in Europe now! It’s O’right went to Europe to check out one of the green gems – PUUR Kapsalon.


Photo ///  The simple and plain decoration gives PUUR Kapsalon a refreshing and warm atmosphere.

Puur Kapsalon is located in Ameide, Holland. Marieke de Wit runs this cottage-style salon and lives there with her husband and an adorable dog of 60 kg named Diezel.

As a nature lover, Marieke uses a lot of wood furniture and wood decorations in her salon. Without much polishing, the wooden objects create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the salon with their original color and feel. Marieke, who just turned 30, has worked as a hairdresser for 13 years. Before having her own salon, she was employed by a hair and beauty salon chain owning 12 salons.

Marieke told us that at the beginning Puur Kapsalon had only 3 hairdressers (including Marieke). As more and more customers are attracted to the environment and services of the salon, now another 2 hairdressers joined the team to provide professional services for about 20 customers each day. The services Puur Kapsalon provides include hair design, making-up as well as bridal fashion and beauty. One of the best parts is that Puur Kapsalon chooses only natural and ecofriendly products.

Two years ago, when Marieke wanted to establish her own salon, she thought the best idea was to build a green salon. Putting more efforts now, Marieke found that being green has become her belief. “We hope to provide a cozy space for our customers, who can relax themselves totally here,”Marieke said.“We provide great coffee and tea as well as healthy products. We hope every customer has a great experience here and leaves Puur Kapsalon with satisfaction,” Marieke said with a big smile and due confidence.

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.”The simple saying on the artwork hung on the wall near the sofa struck us. What does happiness mean for Marieke? It must be to have a genuine green salon and to sow green seeds in every customer’s heart.


Photo /// Guests are always surprised by the beautiful decorations made of natural materials. Marieke’s pet Diezel sleeping lazily on the sofa underneath a wooden frame saying“Happiness is not a destination. It is a way of life.”


Photo /// Paul Masselink, O’right’s partner in the Netherlands (left); Marieke de Wit, owner of PUUR Kapsalon (middle); Steven Ko, CEO of O’right (right)


Photo ///Van Pelt Kappers in Dordrecht. Steven Ko (left 1); Leendert van Pelt, the owner (left 2); Paul Masselink (right 2); Teresa Fang, O’right’s sales person for the European market (right 1); Kinki Salon in Hague. Barbara, the owner (left); Steven Ko (right)