As we stand in the middle of the woods, looking up, what do we see? Sun shining through, the light flickering on the leaves that gently flutter in the light wind. Trees are not only there to provide us shelter on a hot summer day, but also to soothe our body and mind. They are guardians of nature and humans and the nurturer of all things wonderful. Let us take a deep breath and listen closely to the trees, to our lives and to our story.

Treasures of the forest

Trees are Mother Nature’s gift to us. They exist in many forms in our lives. From the advertising posters we see on the streets, the textbooks sitting in a school bag to the parcels and mails stacked up at the back of a mail truck, trees are sending us a message in different ways. They are like a treasure chest filled with precious gifts of knowledge, affections and blessings and we should never take them for granted.

Paper, for example, is a hidden treasure. Every piece of paper can be recycled five to seven times, and each cardboard box that has been repurposed can be given new life and value. These are simple ways to honor trees and sustain life. The choices we make bring trees and us more intimately connected. We all hold the power to make the world a better place. Through recycling, reusing and upcycling, we can give new life to trees and keep the cycle of nature going.

Respect nature by listening to the sounds of nature

Respect nature by listening to the sounds of nature

O’Love: A hidden treasure of nature

If forests are the spokespersons of nature, then O’Love Chair is the voice of trees. Made from forty recycled cardboard boxes, O’Love is on a mission, ready to knock on the doors of hair salons across Switzerland, Italy and China.

Unlike other chairs, O’Love Chair has fascinated everyone who first encounters it with its amazing versatility and durability. Upcycled products usually require much more time and cost than new products, making O’Love more valuable and eye-catching. People say that traveling is a reflection of an ideal lifestyle; O’Love is much more than that as it tells a story of new life. As it travels from salon to salon, country to country, giving everyone that steps into the salon a warm welcoming embrace, O’Love Chair is paving the way for a greener tomorrow.


O’Love is a chair that makes a green impact around the world

Connecting with nature through passion for life

To respect is to understand, and that is all that is needed to building a harmonious relationship with nature. O’Love Chair spreads green seeds in every part of the world, connecting people to nature and inspiring them to think green and go green. The first impression it makes can ignite hope for a better future. O’Love Chair sends an important message: we are all intimately connected to nature and we are all capable of giving back, to sustain life and beauty on earth.