On the journey of love, as women, we ultimately learn how to gracefully enjoy life. But as years go by, the signs of aging start unexpectedly creeping up on our faces and then the feelings of insecurity appear, which in turn stops us from embracing the loss of our youthful appearance…

Become a better version of yourself

As women, we are born beautiful and naturally, we all want to stay beautiful forever. We shouldn’t let age define our beauty. When we learn how to treat ourselves with the love we deserve, we will find that it will boost our confidence and beauty. We will no longer be afraid to face our true self and our beauty will radiate and shine from the inside out.

As years go by, and skin is slowly losing its elasticity, we want to become the best version of ourselves. We believe that restoring our skin back to its optimal state is the first key to regaining confidence and beauty. For 16 years, O’right has dedicated ourselves to caring for women’s beauty, from the scalp, hair to skin, with the purest intention and the most natural green hair and skin care products. On August of 2018, we introduced a brand new skin care line that focuses on the age reversing wonders of golden goji berry root to unveil the secret of youthful skin.


A precious gem 10 years in the making

The origin of goji berry root can be traced back thousands of years ago to ancient Chinese times as a classic herb. They are hard to come by and require 6 years of cultivation and a 4-year fallow period in order for the precious nutrients and active ingredients to be retained. Research has shown that natural goji berry root extract can help reduce pigmentation and keep skin at its optimal state while sealing in the moisture skin needs. This natural ingredient is the key to restoring plump, dewy and younger-looking skin. Exclusively developed by O’right, golden goji berry root made its way to an international journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine and was assigned with an INCI name. Watch it work wonders on your skin! O’right has been devoted to giving women only the most natural and purest botanical hair care for years, now we are offering a green skin care line to achieve youth beyond your 20s.


Natural and pure plant extract: The best for your hair and skin

O’right creates green hair and skin care products formulated with the most natural and purest plant extracts to enhance your beauty and regain your confidence. Pamper your scalp, hair to your skin while making sure that the environment is not damaged in the process with O’right.