O’right explores the possibilities of reducing carbon to create a sustainable lifestyle for the society and future generations. From 2006, we began creating a sustainability plan, from building a green factory to using green packaging, green logistics, green actions and making a green impact around the world. Fully committed to working towards a more sustainable company, O’right proudly unveiled our Gold-level Certified Green Building in 2012. For years, we have documented out carbon reduction achievements and this year, we are excited to announce that we have reached a groundbreaking new milestone in 2017!



Move towards sustainability with 100% renewable bottles

In order to achieve a circular economy, we completed our product carbon footprint inventory in 2009 and become the first to produce a carbon neutral shampoo in 2011. In the same year, we introduced the world’s first biodegradable plastic shampoo bottle made from fruit and vegetable wastes that can grow into a tree after use, by burying the seeds embedded at the bottom of the bottle in soil.

In 2016, O’right developed the groundbreaking 100% renewable plastic shampoo bottle made from recycled food and cosmetic plastic containers that can help reduce more than 4 times the carbon emissions of a new plastic bottle. With the aim to reduce carbon by 75% in 2017, all our 1000ml conditioner bottles were upgraded to 100% renewable plastic.

Constantly striving for green innovation, we encourage consumers to use eco-friendly refill packs, containers and replace plastic caps with natural bamboo caps. What’s more, we introduced the first shampoo contained in 100% renewable plastic bottle. As a result, we have helped reduce 274,416kg of carbon dioxide emissions to this day, which is equal to planting 24,947 trees. Our goal for 2018 is to upgrade all our shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles into 100% renewable plastic, which will help reduce 268,003kg of carbon emissions each year, equal to planting 24,364 trees on earth.



Take a deep breath with our low-carbon green building

O’right believes that only an authentic green factory can produce an authentic green product. In 2010, we invested 2 years and 200 million NTD to build our Gold-level Certified Green Headquarters, ideal for harnessing solar and wind energy for power generation and also equipped with water and energy-saving devices. In 2016, we created another milestone with our mobile offices. As of today, our green building has helped reduce 139,727kg of carbon dioxide, equal to planting 12,702 trees.




Reduce environmental impact with a complete green logistic system

We not only use recyclable cartons, we also adopt a minimum order quantity policy to reduce the carbon footprint of shipping. O’right fully incorporates Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly into our production, packaging and shipping. Our commitment has helped reduce 256,554kg of carbon dioxide, which is equal to planting 23,323 trees.





Use your green power to change the world

We also strive to raise public awareness and promote sustainable practices to achieve a low-carbon society. Every year, we unite for three major annual CSR events including Coastal Cleanup, Tree Planting and WWF’s Earth Hour to use our corporate power and make a green impact. Our green activities have reduced 391,653kg of carbon emissions, equal to planting 35,605 trees on earth.

Green, sustainability and innovation is an important brand value of O’right. Due to our dedication to green packaging design, green factory, green logistics and social and environmental activities, we have successfully reduced carbon emissions by a total of 1,062,350kg, the same as planting 96,577 20-year-old trees and the amount of carbon sequestered by 2.8 Daan Forest Parks for an entire year.

Small steps can lead to big changes. We hope to motivate and inspire more companies and people to engage in eco-innovation to prevent natural resource depletion and pollution, creating a better and brighter future for all.