In celebration of O’right’s 15th anniversary, we did not make a big deal and held a big party, instead we wanted to make it special by thanking everyone who has been with us, grown with us in the past 15 years, to our staff, distributors, green partners, salon hairdressers and consumers. We showed our gratitude by giving back to the society and fulfilling our promise to future generations, to make the world a better place.

Our staff split up into groups, each headed towards different destinations and assigned with different tasks such as cleaning up the neighborhood, accompanying senior citizens living alone and in long-term care centers and children with special needs, collecting receipts and caring for stray animals.

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Photo /// O’right employees wore raincoats in the cold, wet weather and walked for 6km, cleaning up the streets of Gaoping Village, Longtan.

As Taiwan faces the challenges of an aging population, more and more older people are living along and a growing number of long-term care centers and nursing homes for senior citizens have appeared. Our staff kept them company by singing classic oldies and chatting with them, listening to them share their stories and reminiscence about the past from old photos. They showed their gratitude with the smallest actions, warming the hearts of each and every volunteer.

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Photo /// O’right CEO and wife visit 93-year-old veteran

Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Taichung customer service specialists headed towards Baby Development Center. As a mother herself, Taoyuan customer service specialist Chen Rui-Yun’s eyes welled up with tears at the sight of children putting on a prosthesis. They held the children’s hands and stayed by their side as they washed their face, brush their teeth, and eat. They have to work harder than others, learning things that are considered simple for us. Every small improvement that they make brings tremendous joy. Inspired and motivated by their perseverance and strength, we believe that as long as we never give up, nothing is impossible.

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Photo /// Taoyuan and Hsinchu customer service specialists pictured with children from the Baby Development Center, a place designed for treating mentally or physically disabled children aged 0-6.

On O’right’s 15th birthday, CEO Steven Ko and staff expressed our gratitude through volunteer work. What’s more, at the ceremony, a video telling the story of O’right and the road to becoming a green brand played and Jinping Elementary School students sang for us in a touching and powerful performance, reminding us to use our green power to make the world a better place for future generations.

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Photo /// O’right gave scholarships to Hsinchu’s Jinping Elementary School choir in hopes that more people can hear their beautiful singing voices.

In the future, O’right will continue devoting ourselves to pursuing our green dream, moving towards the next milestone. In addition to our hair and scalp care products, we have created a new line of natural, pure, and eco-friendly skin care products to achieve an “O’right Green Lifestyle” for consumers. We want to contribute to the society by pampering every inch of skin with our green products.