In 2015, O’right Belarus initiated the Apple Forest Cultivation Plan to plant seeds in the hope that each seed can sprout and grow and spread love among others.

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Apple Forest Cultivation Plan

Planting trees and forest conservation help fight global warming. More and more people are taking action and opting for eco-friendly, sustainable methods to combat climate change. Planting, cultivating, and growing trees require patience and commitment. For years, O’right has been promoting green afforestation plans in order to contribute to carbon reduction and maintain carbon balance on earth. Impressed by O’right’s sustainable values, our Belarusian distributor showed their support by taking action and bringing the tree planting initiative to Belarus.

Located in Eastern Europe, Belarus is a land that boasts unique landscapes, rich natural resources, countless lakes, forests, and pleasant weather. O’right Belarus planted trees of hope in the Nanosy Recreation Area of Narochansky National Park in Minsk, also inviting local salons to plant apple trees and show their love for the environment. Environmental protection knows no boundaries. We should all work hard to promote environmental practices and infuse the earth with more vitality and oxygen.

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A Promise to Love and Protect the Children

United by the same green values, O’right and Belarusian distributor joined hands to initiate the Apple Forest Cultivation Plan, spreading love to and caring for local children living in poverty and low-income households and protecting the natural environment.

They made a promise to return to this place once the trees have grown into a forest to harvest the apples of love and hope by hand and spread warmth to others.

A Promise to Do Good for the Earth

During an interview with a Belarusian TV host, O’right CEO Steven Ko said, “Each seed represents our hope for the earth. We hope to plant green seeds for the environment and for our children, creating a sustainable, wonderful life for future generations.” We sincerely hope that these green seeds of hope can sprout and grow healthily to conserve the earth’s natural, pure vitality and give children a better and brighter future.

One Tree, One Hope

As green citizens, and in addition to promoting various tree planting and afforestation plans with Experimental Forest of National Taiwan University, since 2010 O’right has been devoting itself to planting trees around the world to continue to spread the brand’s green values to other places.

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