Will Greenland Become the Best Place to Live in One Day?

To many, children happily splashing about in the water is very normal. In Tasiilaq, a town located in southeastern Greenland, people used to rely on dog sledding for transport. Now, because of global warming and melting ice, riverbeds have become a fun playground for children. This has got us thinking: will Greenland become an ideal place to live in one day?

The former prime minister of Greenland, Kuupik Kleist said that Greenland is actually benefitting from climate change economically. It is allowing the agricultural and livestock industries to boom. But he’s worried that about people living in port cities and coastal areas: are they prepared for the sea level to rise 7 meters? And the prosperous cities in the midst of heat waves: are they prepared for food shortage?

Kleist then asked: “How high above sea level is Taiwan?”