News 2023-10-31

Melting Greenland Rewrites History with GOOD DESIGN AWARD BEST 100 Win in Documentary Category

On October 25th, The GOOD DESIGN AWARD ceremony brings together a diverse international audience to celebrate this year's exceptional honorees. Following a meticulous selection process guided by global design experts, only 1,548 entries out of the initial 5,447 made it to the final selection. O'right's environmental education documentary Melting Greenland earned the GOOD DESIGN BEST 100, marking a historic moment as the first documentary to be recognized at the GOOD DESIGN AWARD.

International jurors were effusive in their praise, "This project should be emulated by global leaders!"

O'right has been a consistent standout at the GOOD DESIGN AWARD since 2020, collecting BEST 100 and GOLD AWARD accolades, even competing for the Grand Award as a sustainability leader in 2021. This year, O’right once again pushed the boundaries, shifting from physical design to the documentary format. The Melting Greenland documentary received high praise from the GOOD DESIGN AWARD jury, including the Chairman of the Jury, Seiichi Saito, and Taiwanese jury Professor Manfred Wang.

Global Impact of Melting Greenland Environmental Education Documentary

Melting Greenland is a project spearheaded by O'right, led by its founder and chairman, Steven Ko. It was initiated with the support of prominent international organizations, including the World Climate Foundation and RE100 Climate Group | CDP, both of which have garnered United Nations recognition. The documentary has been featured at various events, including the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA77) Climate Week, COP27 World Climate Summit, and The Economist Sustainability Week, receiving enthusiastic responses and extensive media coverage.

To date, the documentary has been screened in over 500 schools and 3,000 companies, making it a resource for climate education. O'right warmly welcomes institutions, businesses, and schools to apply for the documentary's non-profit educational usage.

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