News 2023-03-08

O’right Presents New Logo to Communicate Zero Carbon & Sustainability Simple Yet Elegant, Green Yet Stylish

Leading zero carbon beauty brand O’right is introducing its new logo featuring a clean font to clearly communicate our green values. Simple yet elegant, green yet stylish, the “O” in O’right symbolizes our commitment to zero carbon and sustainability, while “right" represents our dedication to do the right thing for the earth. O’right, pronounced as “all right” and can also be read as “zero right,” encompasses our promise to speak up for the climate and empower through environmental education – all of which are anchored in our mission to give consumers a brand new experience and inspire others to aspire for a greener world.

Going Beyond the “Beauty Brand” Image

A company with just 300 employees, O’right has served as the organizer of the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment Earth Hour and recently embarked on a journey to Greenland to film an environmental documentary. What is a beauty brand doing engaging in environmental activities? As O’right always stresses, “We have never been just a hair and skin care company, but a brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve.” Breaking away from its “beauty brand” image, O’right is dedicated to empowering people through environmental education, implementing ESG practices and making a green impact that truly matters.

O’right’s commitment to zero carbon and zero impact stems from its desire to protect this beautiful planet

O’right’s transformation from a distributor of cosmetics to a manufacturer of green beauty products officially began in 2002 on International Women’s Day. Founded on the premise of delivering environmental benefits, O’right considers the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems on earth as stakeholders. Founder and CEO Steven Ko was determined to break the stereotype that cosmetics are chemical-ridden. Having had experience as a salesperson in the salon industry, Ko would always remember seeing the work-reddened hands of hairstylists as a result of the sea of chemicals in hair care products. The sight of this fueled his determination to steer people far away from toxic chemicals and develop hair products that are good for people and good for the environment.

Mastermind Behind the Tree in the Bottle Shampoo and the World’s First PCR Bottle

In 2008, O’right made headlines in the beauty world with the Tree in the Bottle Shampoo, an innovation that puts the brand on the map of biodiversity. Instead of investing in marketing campaigns, product advertisements, or celebrity endorsements, O’right put the majority of its budget into research and development, eventually creating the game-changing 8 Free standard, which eliminates 8 chemicals that are hazardous to the health of people and the environment. O’right then became an inspirational role model for eco-conscious European countries, laying the foundation for the brand’s leading position as a pioneer in green beauty.

Since 2020, O’right has achieved carbon neutrality across its entire product portfolio, manufacturing operations and organization. In 2011, O’right introduced the first carbon neutral product certified by BSI, becoming the first beauty company to reach the finish line on the road to zero carbon. O’right eliminates petrochemicals (USDA Certified Biobased Product label) from its products, built a green supply chain, developing PCR (post-consumer recycled) bottles and the world’s first PCR pump. These achievements and milestones have prevented 5 million plastic bottles from ending up in the oceans, bringing O’right and everyone who supports the brand and its values one step closer to restoring earth’s natural beauty. As O’right’s catchphrase says, “together towards a greener world.”

O’right’s PCR plastic bottles