#MeltingGreenland Gets Support from RE100 & World Climate Foundation

A team consisting of Vision Project, United Daily News and O’right, Melting Greenland set off on a 23-day mission across Greenland for an up-close insight into melting glaciers and local lifestyle. Their journey will be made into a documentary to raise awareness on climate change and urge people to take action.

After 23 days trekking across the Arctic, the team returned to Taiwan safely on August the 7th. “Great to see the O’right team back safely after their epic trek across Greenland,” Head of RE100 Sam Kimmins posted on Twitter. Kimmins has high hopes that the photos, videos, reports and interview reports the team has collected from their expedition will help raise environmental awareness among communities immensely.

The final product in the Melting Greenland project, the documentary film, will make its global debut at COP27, which is scheduled to take place in Egypt this November. O’right Founder and Chairman Steven Ko said that the aim of this project is to galvanize public awareness and offer a visceral look at climate change impacts and solutions through their eyes. Jens Nielsen, CEO of the World Climate Foundation, showed his support, saying: “We need the pressure from the bottom up, because even though we keep on talking about it (climate change), very little things are happening on the ground.” He further praised the team’s purpose and strong angle of exploring the impacts of climate change on local agricultural and fishery industry as well as its traditional culture to motivate and resonate with the civil society to address this global crisis.

“We should all become climate activists; active consumers and active voters,” urged Nielsen “What we need more is pressure from the civil society towards governments but also towards businesses and to make a change that’s probably the most important change factor that we need in the next ten, twenty or thirty years.”

Nielsen then mentioned the last election in Denmark as an example, where climate became the main issue as a result from pressure from the voters, especially younger generations, pushing the 12 parties fighting for being the most ambitious in terms of climate change. He believes that climate will again be the key issue in the next election in Denmark, and he expects that this will happen in other countries too.

To minimize environmental impact, the team calculated the carbon footprint, bringing low carbon goods and using EU hydropower carbon credits to compensate for emissions generated from this journey. “It’s fantastic. That can be one of the key examples and I believe that this documentary can contribute to the bottom-up movement, linking it up to what is happening globally with bottom-up activities,” Nielson concluded.

Source: Vision Project