Green Tea Hand Cream

Moisture Sealing

Green Tea Hand Cream 100mL

Green Tea Hand Cream 40mL
Suitable for All skin types
Size 40mL
Sustainable 96.0%

Beauty Features

Moisture Sealing

Rich in polyphenols, Green Tea Hand Cream strengthens the skin’s protective barrier from damaging environmental stressors and restores its vitality. Natural botanical blends balance, repair and seal moisture into your hands, leaving them feeling velvety-soft and supple.

Beauty Ingredients

Certified Organic Tea Extract

Rich in polyphenols

Strengthens skin’s protective barrier

Restores vitality

Natural sunflower seed oil

Nourishes, hydrates and balances

Restores and soothes

Natural moisturizing essence

Forms a natural barrier on the skin

Boosts skin’s moisture levels

Leaves hands feeling velvety soft and supple

Beauty Tips

Massage this creamy treatment into hands and cuticles to prevent dryness. Use after an O’right hand cleanser for optimal results.

Massage Your Way to Beautiful Hands


Warm hands

Apply on your hands and warm between palms for better absorption to relieve and moisturize dry skin.


Palm & back of the hand

From the palm of your hands, massage in clockwise motion. Then, rub between the fingers on the back of the hand in circular motion.



Massage fingers from the root to tip to smooth wrinkles and lines. Gently pull at fingers to help relax.



Gently massage the Hegu point to relax the body, mind and soul while protecting your hands.

Moisturize dry cuticles
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
Relieve dry skin and smooth fine lines
Restore skin’s youthful glow