Purple Rose Color Care Conditioner

Rich Moisturizing

Purple Rose Color Care Conditioner 250ml

Purple Rose Color Care Conditioner 1000ml
Suitable for color treated, damaged hair
Size 250mL/1000mL
Sustainable 90.4%


Rich Moisturizing

Containing rosa damascene flower extract and top botanical smoothing ingredients, this conditioner replenishes protein and moisture to leave the color-treated hair silky and smooth.

Beauty Ingredients

Rose Essential Oil

Intensely nourishes with rose essential oil. Gently repairs damaged hair ends.

Color-preserving Agents

Seals in hair color and prevents fading. Forms a protective shield over hair. Gives hair a gorgeous glow.

Canola Oil

Tames frizz and reduces static. Keeps hair smooth and tangle-free. Improves the styling versatility of hair.

Beauty That Works

Beauty Tips

Massage into hair after shampoo. Leave on for 1-3 minutes and rinse. Follow with O’right Hair Care Oil.