Green Tea Foaming Cleanser

Refreshing & Revitalizing

Green Tea Foaming Cleanser 450mL
Suitable for normal skin
Size 450mL
Sustainable 98.1%

Beauty Features

Refreshing & Revitalizing

Enriched with certified organic tea extract and natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations, this rich, creamy foam helps to gently clean pores. The moisture magnet power of Pentavitin leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft and freshly revitalized.

Beauty Ingredients

Certified organic tea extract

Rich in polyphenols to restore skin vitality. Gently removes impurities.


Delicately nourishes with moisture. Hydrates skin to prevent dryness.

Natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations

No environmental hormones. Gentle lather, easy to rinse off without leaving residues.

Beauty Tips

Dispense foam onto hands and gently massage over face and neck with fingers. Rinse thoroughly with water.