Caffeine Lash Revitalizer

Lash Beauty Booster

Caffeine Lash Revitalizer 7.5mL
Suitable for all eyelash types
Size 7.5mL
Sustainable 96.3%

Beauty Features

Lash Beauty Booster

Give your lashes a nourishing energy boost for beautiful lashes and vibrant eyes.

Beauty Ingredients

Honored with an INCI Name

International research development capabilities

INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a system of names internationally recognized to identify cosmetic ingredients. Ingredients with a registered INCI name give them competitive advantages in the market.

International Laboratory Certified by TAF in Five Categories

Caring for your health and safety

O’right is the first professional hair care brand in Taiwan to be certified by TAF in five categories to perform testing in accordance with ISO standards.

Natural caffeine extract

Revitalizes and nurtures for healthier lashes. Strengthens and refines for a confidence boost.

Ginger extract

Slows down aging and promotes renewal. Nourishes and soothes discomfort.


Firms and balances. Maintains the balance of skin water and oil. Gives eyes a youthful glow.

Beauty That Works

Beauty Tips

After cleansing the area around the eyes, apply a layer to upper and lower lashes, from root to tip and along the base to strengthen and protect your eyelashes.

Gorgeous lashes only one stroke away

  1. Apply from the inner corner to the outer corner, from root to tip.
  2. Create the ideal environment for your lashes to thrive.