Caffeine Brow Revitalizer

Brow beauty booster

Caffeine Brow Revitalizer 10ml
Suitable for For all eyebrow types
Size 10mL
Sustainable 95.3%


Brow beauty booster

Revitalize and nurture your natural brows with Caffeine Brow Revitalizer. Uniquely blended with natural caffeine, multiple botanical extracts and active ingredients to give you healthier, beautiful eyebrows. Apply before makeup application for longer wear and fabulous results.

Beauty Ingredients

USDA Certified Biobased Product Label

O’right leads the way in sustainability by offering sustainable living solutions. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label promotes the use of biobased products, which help reduce petroleum consumption by increasing the use of renewable resources, reducing the amount of additional carbon released into the atmosphere. This may also help to better manage the carbon cycle, and in turn, reduce resultant adverse environmental and health impacts.

Honored with an INCI name

International research development capabilities

INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) is a system of names internationally recognized to identify cosmetic ingredients. Ingredients with a registered INCI name give them competitive advantages in the market.

International laboratory certified by TAF in five categories

Caring for your health and safety

O’right is the first professional hair care brand in Taiwan to be certified by TAF in five categories to perform testing in accordance with ISO standards.

Natural caffeine extract

Revitalizes and nurtures for healthier brows. Strengthens and refines for a confident boost.

Ginger extract

Get naturally fuller, beautiful eyebrows. Nourishes and enhances eyebrows.

Aloe vera extract

Hydrates and conditions to create healthy brows. Softens and smooths skin and brow line.

Beauty That Works

Beauty Tips

Use the Caffeine Brow Revitalizer as part of your daily care routine. After applying lotion, massage in circular motions to boost absorption and relax the pressure points on the eyebrows. The roll-on design allows you to apply and create the style as you please.