Mallow Baby Shampoo & Wash Mousse

Gentle Pampering for Delicate Skin

Mallow Baby Shampoo & Wash Mousse 650ml
Suitable for children aged 0-3 years old
Size 650mL
Sustainable 97.5%


Gentle Pampering for Delicate Skin

Made for your baby’s delicate skin and hair, this baby shampoo

Beauty Ingredients

Certified Organic Mallow Extract

A mild and soothing ingredient. Natural protection to keep skin healthy.

Natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations

No environmental hormones. no environmental damage. A gentle cleanse for delicate skin.

Beauty That Works

Designed for infants and toddlers

  1. Gentle cleansing-Gently purifies and softens hair and skin.
  2. Soothing-Boosts the skin’s natural defenses for healthy skin
  3. Moisturizing-Soothes and moisturizes skin to provide optimal balance and prevent dryness

Beauty Tips

Use according to the 3 stages of early childhood:

LEVEL 1 Newborn. Before learning to roll over

Sponge bath - Gentle cleanse

Newborn babies only need a basic bath to remove sweat, dirt and odor.

LEVEL 2 Infant, Crawl, sit up & lie tummy-side down

Tub / bubble bath - Mild hair & body cleanse

Babies move a lot more during this stage, so parents are recommended to give them a bubble bath or tub bath to clean hair and skin.

LEVEL3Toddler, Stand up & walk

Tub bath - Remove sweat and dirt

They move a lot and spend more time outdoors, so parents should give them a tub bath to remove sweat and dirt.