Anti-Gravity Nature Gel

Glamorous and Glossy

Anti-Gravity Nature Gel 180ml
Suitable for all hair types
Size 180mL
Sustainable 83.4%


Glamorous and Glossy

With natural plant extracts, the Anti-Gravity Nature Gel moisturises the hair and strengthens hair roots for more flexibility and beauty.

Beauty Ingredients

Natural Moisturizing Factors Verified by EU Organic Organizations

Replenishes moisture to hair. Enhances nutrient absorption.

Ivy Extract

Enhances oil-water balance of hair shaft. Long-lasting style support.

Rosemary Extract

Soothes allergies and discomfort. Nourishes hair deeply.

Beauty Tips

Apply appropriate amount onto palm. Rub and apply on wet curly hair. Use a diffuser to blow hair dry and create natural, glossy curls.