Dandelion Sensitive Body Wash

Pure Perfection

Dandelion Sensitive Body Wash 400ml

Dandelion Sensitive Body Wash 1000ml
Suitable for kids or sensitive skin
Size 400mL/1000mL
Sustainable 97.7%


Pure Perfection

Certified organic chamomile extract, rice extract & natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations.

Beauty Ingredients

Certified Organic Chamomile Extract

Soothes discomfort of sensitive skin. Reinforces protection for skin.

Certified Organic Rice Extract

Replenishes skin with abundant moisture. Strengthens skin elasticity.

Natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations

No environmental hormones. Gentle lather, easy to rinse off without leaving residue.

Beauty Tips

Apply to damp skin, massage into lather then fully rinse off.