Curl Enhancing Cream

Optimum Hair Volume and Style

Curl Enhancing Cream 100ml

Curl Enhancing Cream 2022 NEW 100ml
Suitable for all hair types
Size 100mL
Sustainable 81%


Optimum Hair Volume and Style

With a superb botanical styling formula, the Curl Enhancing Cream increases hair volume and allows creative styles while providing excellent protection.

Beauty Ingredients

Certified Organic Moisturizing Factors

Replenishes moisture to hair. Enhances nutrient absorption.

Botanical Styling Gel

Cornstarch gel. Gives hair excellent support. Increases effect of curls.

Botanical Smoothing Ingredients

Rich anti-static properties. Forms a moisturizing film on hair. Nourishes and smoothes hair.

Beauty Tips

Apply appropriate amount onto palm. Rub and apply on wet curly hair. Use a diffuser to blow hair dry and create volumized effect.