Purple Rose Oil 

Velvety Smooth and Soft Hair

Purple Rose Oil  100ml

Purple Rose Oil  10ml
Suitable for For color treated, damaged hair
Size 10mL/100mL


Velvety Smooth and Soft Hair

Rose extract and crystalline factors repair and nourish damaged cuticles to restore gloss while natural plant-derived squalane gives hair a nourishing moisture boost. Its lightweight formula penetrates deep into hair, wrapping each strand with nourishment and giving hair a velvety-soft feel without any greasiness.

Beauty Ingredients

Rose Extract

Deeply nourishing with a natural. pure scent. Gently repairs hair ends.

Crystalline Factors

Repairs hair cuticles. Gives hair a velvety-soft heel. Restores gloss and radiance.

Beauty Tips

100ml: Towel dry hair and apply an appropriate amount onto hair. Blow dry hair after application to boost shine.

10ml: Turn the bottle upside down on your palm, take 1-2 drops and apply on hair ends evenly.