Tea Tree Purifying Scalp Spray


Tea Tree Purifying Scalp Spray 50ml

Tea Tree Purifying Scalp Spray 2022 NEW 50ml
Suitable for dandruff, itchy scalp
Size 50mL
Sustainable 98.3%



With natural and refreshing phytoncides, tea tree oil, allantoin and other ingredients, this product effectively relieves itching and purifies your scalp, leaving it healthy and invigorated.

Beauty Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil

Purifies the scalp. Relieves discomfort and prevents odor.

Scalp Relief Factors

Soothes discomfort and sensitiveness. Long-lasting scalp moisturizer. Refreshes and purifies the scalp.

Beauty Tips

Towel dry hair. Spray on the scalp and massage with the finger pulps gently. Blow dry hair afterwards. Spray 4-6 times is recommended.