Cooling and Refreshing Scalp Spray

Cooling and Refreshing

Cooling and Refreshing Scalp Spray 50ml

Cooling and Refreshing Scalp Spray 2022 NEW 50ml
Suitable for oily, odorous scalp
Size 50mL
Sustainable 92.9%


Cooling and Refreshing

The mint soothes and relaxes the scalp with a refreshing feeling; the perilla extract eliminates scalp odor and leaves a cool, natural feeling.

Beauty Ingredients

Icy Mint

Premium menthol from fresh mint extract. Soothes scalp.

Perilla Extract

Soothes tight scalp. Antioxidants to refresh scalp. Delays aging of scalp.

Beauty Tips

Towel dry hair. Spray on the scalp and massage with the finger pulps gently. Blow dry hair afterwards. Spray 4-6 times is recommended.