O'right Botanical Scalp Revitalizer for Her

Scalp Care

O'right Botanical Scalp Revitalizer for Her 100ml
Suitable for For scalp care
Size 100mL
Sustainable 95.5%


For scalp care

Wolf’s bane , watercress, ivy, pine bark and rosemary extracts nourish hair roots, soothe the scalp, remove flakes, prevent itching and get rid of odor for a healthy scalp and fuller, thicker hair.

Beauty Ingredients

Wolf’s Bane Extract

Boosts scalp renewal. Efficiently nourishes the scalp.

Ivy Extract

Restores the scalp’s natural balance. Purifies the scalp.

Rosemary Extract

Promotes a healthy scalp. Actively nourishes hair roots.

Beauty Tips

Towel dry hair. Spray onto the scalp and gently massage with fingertips. Blow dry hair. Use daily for better results.