Rose Hip Seed Nourishing Body Wash

Silky soft and radiant

Rose Hip Seed Nourishing Body Wash 400ml

Rose Hip Seed Nourishing Body Wash 1000ml
Suitable for dry skin
Size 400mL/1000mL
Sustainable 95.7%


Silky soft and radiant

Quality organic rose hip seed oil from South America, rich in vitamin C, helps provide long-lasting moisturization, leaving skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Its natural and mild formula foams into a fine, rich lather to gently cleanse skin for a fresh and dewy feel.

Beauty Ingredients

Organic rose hip seed oil

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. Provides intensive moisturization to heal dry skin. Creates radiant, dewy and silky soft skin.

Natural foaming agents verified by EU organic organizations

No environmental hormones. Gentle lather, easy to rinse off without leaving residue.

Beauty Tips

Apply to damp skin, massage into lather then rinse off.