Sicily Conditioner

Refreshing & Conditioning

Sicily Conditioner 250mL
Suitable for all hair types
Size 250mL
Sustainable 90.1%

Beauty Features

Refreshing & Conditioning

The natural extract of coffee oil has an excellent anti-heat effect and resists external damage while moisturizing and repairing. Brassica extract regulates hair, smooth and not tangled, with ice mint, smoothes frizzy hair ends, and creates a new comfortable, and cool hair care experience.

Green Certifications

Natural Coffee Oil

Extracted from 100% spent coffee grounds

Revitalizes and prevents aging

Provides intense moisture repair

Icy Mint

Cool menthol from fresh mint extract

Delivers a refreshingly cooling sensation

Canola Oil

Tames frizz and anti-static

Keeps hair smooth and tangle-free

Improves the styling versatility of hair

Beauty Ingredients