News 2022-03-09

The Iconic Green: The Next Big Thing in Sustainable Beauty

Carbon neutrality is making waves across the globe – have you made the switch to zero carbon lifestyle products yet? O’right has been on that mission since it made the bold decision to go green years ago, ensuring that every time you use an O’right shampoo, we are helping you to reduce the carbon footprint of the heat energy consumed during your hair washing routine. If you’re impressed, then this all-new Forest Green Edition will absolutely blow you away.

Every choice you make today will determine your tomorrow

“Now I can have guilt-free hair care!” exclaimed the host at the end of the panel session of the World Climate Summit, the most important official side event at COP26. This marked O’right Founder Steven Ko’s second time attending the summit. Mr. Ko firmly believes that taking action is more pressing than achieving consensus among nations. By taking action, Mr. Ko means putting his heart and soul into creating beauty products that are truly green. In celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary, O’right launched the iconic Forest Green Edition, creating a greener solution to help you achieve carbon neutrality. O’right’s initiatives in cutting carbon emissions that stem from domestic hot water used for washing is unprecedented. Beauty is not the only thing O’right has in mind when ensuring that consumers are getting the love and care they deserve. For O’right, zero carbon and zero impact is essentially the key to moving towards a greener world.

The next big thing in sustainable beauty

In 2011, O’right introduced the world’s first zero carbon shampoo – Green Tea Shampoo. In 2022, O’right is presenting its best-selling Green Tea Collection designed with hues of forest green as the epitome of its zero carbon and zero impact commitment to people and earth. Formulated with certified organic tea leaf extracts, the Green Tea Collection helps to balance the natural oils of hair and skin and keep it hydrated and refreshed all year long. Immerse yourself in the woodsy scent reminiscent of spring and turn your everyday cleansing routine into a therapeutic ritual. O’right’s hair, body and skin care products are crafted with biobased ingredients (NO petrochemicals) that carry the USDA Certified Biobased Product label. Your contribution to living a zero carbon lifestyle is the driving force behind our commitment to creating the purest products that put the health and well-being of you and the planet first.

Planet-first sustainable packaging

The bottles in the Forest Green Edition featuring elegant and sophisticated lines are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic materials that have an average carbon reduction rate of 80%. Complete with our signature biodegradable and sustainable Moso bamboo cap, each product itself is a work of art. The new ergonomic design of the post-consumer recycled pump boasting a matte texture is inspired by the elegant lines of the Japanese garden stone. O’right’s latest Forest Green Edition is sure to become your most exquisite, trendy and iconic collection.

*The Green Tea Forest Green Edition includes Green Tea Shampoo 1000mL/400mL, Green Tea Body Wash 1000mL and Green Tea Foaming Cleanser (NEW!)