News 2021-10-28

O’right Sorghum Radiance Banana Fiber Sheet Mask Takes Home a Sustainable Beauty Award!

Ecovia Intelligence is a specialist research, consulting and training organization that focuses on global ethical product industries. Launched and organized by Ecovia Intelligence, the Sustainable Beauty Awards (also known as the Oscars of the beauty industry) give recognition to organizations and operators who are pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry. The New Sustainable Award is given to a new cosmetic or personal care product with important sustainability credentials, environmental impact or social difference.

A Sheet Mask that Makes You and the Earth Smile

Beauty sheet masks have become a beauty stable, but they are also problematic and bad for the environment. The non-recyclable packaging, such as the mask fabric, plastic backing and aluminum pouches, end up in the trash, landfills and the ocean after use. In Taiwan alone, 120 million sheet masks are used and discarded every year. To solve this global sheet mask waste problem, Taiwanese green beauty brand O’right expanded their offering into the sheet mask market and successfully developed a sheet mask that makes you and the earth smile. O’right has always strived to turn locally-sourced agricultural waste into valuable beauty ingredients, and its premium sheet mask is no exception. The environmentally-friendly beauty fabric is made from banana fiber and is infused natural spent grains (sorghum), which is what caught the eye of the award jury. Every effort O’right makes in living to its sustainable values is shown in its green beauty products that not only got your beauty, but also the health and well-being of the earth covered.

Living by Green, Sustainability and Innovation for 15 Years

This marks the O’right’s fifth win at the prestigious beauty awards. Having dedicated 15 years to developing 8 Free products (i.e., green products free from 8 harmful chemicals), the sustainable pioneer has truly lived up to its green values. In 2020, O’right achieved carbon neutrality across its manufacturing operations, organization and 77 products from its entire product portfolio. From the acquisition of raw materials, production, delivery and sale to use and disposal, O’right considers the environment in every stage of the product life cycle. O’right has also created a company culture, customer services and environmental education program that embody its core values. A true leader and pioneer in sustainable beauty, O’right sets an example by always putting people and the planet first, doing everything to make the world a greener place.