News 2021-07-07

Presenting ±R — O’right’s Vision for Zero Carbon Consumption

The pandemic is a wake-up call that we have exceeded the earth’s limit. Long been championing urgent action to the looming climate crisis, the world’s first carbon neutral beauty company O’right celebrates the grand opening of the first Concept Store to feature its latest cutting edge technology on June 5. ±R is a sustainable circular design driven by the 3R’s mindset Respond, Revive, Respect and manufactured on the concept of Reuse, Refill Reduce. Building a vision for zero carbon consumption, it has been conceived to enhance respect for the environment and all living things.  

A Breakthrough Innovation in Beauty — Renewable Shampoo Refill Pack Made Entirely from LDPE

Most refill packs are made from more than one material, i.e. complex materials. The more complicated the packaging design, the lower the chance of it being recycled and the more likely it is of ending up in the landfill. For the beauty packaging industry, the answer may lie in mono-materials. Born from the ±R plan, R-Pack is a renewable refill pack made from mono-materials, made in collaboration with green supplier Formosa Packaging. Overcoming obstacles such as the fit and strength (weight capacity) of materials, after countless trial and error, they finally developed a shampoo refill pack made entirely from LDPE. Another sustainable feature of the ±R plan is the R-Bottle, a 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) bottle that can be refilled and reused for a duration of 5-10 years. From eliminating 8 harmful chemicals from product formulas (also known as the 8 Free standard), building a green factory and green supply chain to incorporating emissions associated with consumer behavior, O’right has pledged to live in harmony with nature. As the plus-minus sign indicates: “more” respect for nature and “less” burden on human health and the environment.

A Human-like Robotic Arm and Mini GMP Compliant Filling

For a long time, safety and hygiene issues of package-free shops have been on many people’s radar and ignited concern among consumers. Now, O’right has a sustainable, clean and safe solution for cosmetic refilling. At O’right’s new Concept Store, an automatic food-grade GMP compliant filling machine that steam-sterilizes at 100°C temperature is created to guarantee a dust- and contamination-free process. The robotic arm, charmingly named “Mr. Right,” is designed to thank consumers for their sustainability efforts. O’right embeds sustainability elements not just in its products, but also the store itself. The Concept Store, dubbed the “next generation of circularity,” featuring a storefront signboard made of 2,058 recycled plastic bottles, aims to offer an immersive shopping experience that stimulates sustainable consumption behavior. Remaining steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and providing nature-inspired products and services, O’right empowers consumers to respect earth and make sustainable choices.

Reimaging Green Innovation and Sustainable Thinking

The UN Climate Change Conference COP26, set to take place in Glasgow this November, has handed O’right a formal invitation to represent Asian SMEs at the World Climate Summit – The Investment COP. In face of worsening climate change, the world has only a limited time to take action. Steven Ko, Chairman and Founder of O’right, will be joining world leaders for the most important climate meeting of our generation. COP26 marks a crucial deadline for country leaders to present more ambitious climate commitments. It must set clear pathways for the transition to a net zero economy, a decisive moment for global climate action. “Climate change is everybody’s business. We must learn to live in harmony with nature and respect all living things. After two years of intensive research and development, we finally took our ±R plan from concept to reality. We urge everyone to take zero carbon issues seriously,” Ko said.