news 2020-01-13

O’right Launches the All-new O’right Toothpaste N°Zero

Green hair and skin care brand O’right is launching its latest product, and it’s not what you think! Known for its wide range of naturally- and sustainably-sourced shampoo, conditioner, scalp care products and recent dip into the skin care market, O’right is now introducing its first oral care product after 3 years of development. Infused with 3 billion chlorella (green algae) cells and a blend of botanicals including licorice, yew plum pine, mint, wingleaf soapberry, glycerin, star anise, rosemary, clove and spearmint, O’right Toothpaste N°Zero provides a sustainable plant-infused experience and a natural solution for healthier teeth and gums.

O’right puts sustainability at the heart of its hair and skin care products. N°Zero, or “number zero,” symbolizes the green company’s commitment to making its zero carbon, zero impact ambitions a reality. A uniqueness beyond number one, O’right Toothpaste N°Zero offers a brand new way to brush your teeth, taking you back to the basics with food-grade ingredients. This natural toothpaste replaces traditional abrasives with sustainable wood cellulose from beech and spruce which can be 100% dissolved in water and is provided by a supplier that complies with FSC standards. While embracing the tooth enamel like soft, lush fabric, this innovative wood powder also paves the way to a greener earth. The unique green color of the toothpaste comes from the 3 billion chlorella cells, a green algae rich in phytochemicals and minerals that grows in freshwater to reinforce teeth and keep your breath fresh. Discover the wonders of wood-infused care and enjoy the gentle touch of nature with O’right’s latest addition to its green family.

For O’right, 2020 will be the year that it sets out on its journey towards a zero carbon world. Winner of the Sustainable Beauty Awards, the pioneer of sustainability is determined to “wash away” global carbon footprint with its green products, while also aiming to achieve organizational and product carbon neutrality and provide the ultimate green service for all. Kicking off the year with O’right Toothpaste N°Zero not only marks the sustainable trendsetter’s transition from green hair and skin care to green lifestyle, but also its road to sustainability. “Your beauty, the zero carbon way” is O’right’s bold statement for 2020.