News 2018-05-02

O’right Shines at the Global Views CSR Awards

As the leading green-lifestyle brand in Taiwan, O’right has been recognized for actively promoted sustainability since launching. This year, O’right became the only Taiwanese green-lifestyle brand to take home an award at the 14th Global Views Monthly Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award, marking the company’s third win since 2014. O’right took the stage at Far Eastern New Century and received the Exemplary Model Award in the Industrial category from the hands of the Premier of the Taiwan, William Lai. O’right truly incorporates green living into everyday life by doing only what’s best for the earth.

The judges praised O’right for their CSR practices and their efforts in promoting the importance of CSR. O’right believes that small steps can lead to big changes. Since 2002, the green company has worked hard to promote sustainability and green lifestyle. By creating only natural, pure and eco-friendly products made from natural and safe ingredients derived from agriculture produce in their TAF double-certified Organic Plant R&D Center and packaging made from natural resources such as moso bamboo and 100% renewable plastic materials, O’right can proudly announce that they have reached the goal of reducing carbon by 80% and achieved the vision of living a truly green lifestyle.

O’right places great emphasis role in reducing environmental impact. Under the leadership of the founder of O’right, Steven Ko, O’right holds charity activities such as the Coastal Cleanup, Earth Hour and Plant a Tree every year to show their commitment to nature. For 5 years, the environmental advocate has teamed up with NTU Experimental Forest to plant and adopt trees; so far, they have adopted 3.6 hectares of forest land and planted 2,660 trees. For Earth Hour, they helped save 100,000 kWh of electricity in one hour and, to this day, reduced 1,062,350 kg of carbon emissions, which is equal to planting 96,577 20-year-old trees and the amount of carbon absorbed by 2.8 Daan Forest Parks for an entire year.

In addition to green project engagements, O’right also promotes green environmental education. The O’right brand is the first in Taiwan to have its cosmetic plant established in a green building. Since its establishment, O’right Green Headquarters has attracted over 1,200 enterprises to the premises. Furthermore, the founder of O’right makes it one of his priorities to share green concepts across the globe, having given speeches at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, Singapore Management University, APEC, United Nations Sustainable Development Summit and Asia Carbon Footprint Network (ACFN) Seminar.

O’right puts Taiwan in the global spotlight with an outstanding list of honors by renowned awards including the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Sustainable Beauty Awards, Green World Awards and the Katerva Award, the Nobel Prize for Sustainability.

Being recognized with the 14th Global Views CSR Award goes to prove that a company’s CSR can make a profound impact on sustainability. As a Taiwanese green brand, O’right’s commitment to doing what’s best for the earth is truly an example of the positive effect it has on the world. It’s O’right!